We are Tenuki, software developers and experts in traffic information.

Did you know you experience our work in your daily life?

our expertise

Specialist in traffic information software

You might not realize it, but every day you get to experience the work of Tenuki. Whether you are checking for traffic jams on an app, trying to re-route your Sat Nav to avoid traffic jams or listening to the traffic information on the radio. Tenuki is at the base of all this information.

Tenuki specializes in traffic information and lively engages in the domain of Smart mobility. Our expertise lies in user-oriented and traffic-related software in its widest sense.

For more than two decades our software and systems have given a broad insight on the traffic flow in the Netherlands and other European countries. Our products are used actively by traffic engineers, various road managers and related agencies.

our Work

What we do at Tenuki

Our employees at the Delfgauw and Den Bosch offices develop traffic information related software with the end user in mind. Think of both web and desktop based applications as well as apps for your mobile phone. We strongly believe that software should be maintainable, reliable and user friendly.

Besides software development, we supply advice concerning traffic information. We assist in creating and designing innovative solutions. These solutions actively help to contribute to supplying accurate information to various clients concerning roadworks, traffic jams or other reasons that cause traffic congestion.

We serve both the government and the private market. We are a leading business in the traditional market, but we also accurately follow and anticipate on the latest developments. The world of Smart Mobility is moving fast and that offers great opportunities for development and innovation.

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our values

What we stand for

This is the core of our culture and the framework for all decisions within our walls. Be warned, they tend to be contagious.


We are proud of the work we do and proud of what we have achieved. A blend of technical skills, creative thinking and expertise brought us where we are now.

Attention to the individual.

Every employee is valued by being himself. You will never be a number at Tenuki. We threat each other with respect and pay attention to personal circumstances.


We create room to learn and develop yourself. You are being challenged to step outside your comfort zone. Mistakes may occur as long as you learn from them.


Everyone is encouraged to show initiative. Take action by thinking (along) about a solution rather than only doing what you are assigned to do.


We like a no-nonsense approach and clear, honest communication. We expect that you think before you speak and that you say what you mean.


We are all very different people with our own story and background. Within a project, everyone's qualities come together and we form one team.

Tenuki Go
our name


Where does the name Tenuki come from? Tenuki is a term from the Japanese board game GO. It is a strategy in which you are not being tempted to pursue a small area to fight over, but rather keep sight of the overview and make the biggest play.

Tenuki Go

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