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Working at Tenuki

Traffic knowledge is the essence of the work that we perform at Tenuki. The development of our software is quickly evolving; therefore we set high standards for ourselves to meet the demands of our customers. We will look beyond the subject of the assignment, which enables us to supply specific and workable solutions. Work at Tenuki is being carried out in a challenging and ever changing environment and we are constantly looking to grow our knowledge and to expand our skills.

Do you possess the right qualities and would you like to develop these further at Tenuki? Then we invite you to apply for one of the open vacancies below.

Some qualities we value high: initiative, communicative, honest, team player, responsible, integrity and inquisitive.

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What we have to offer

What makes Tenuki special as an employer? We distinguish ourselves from others by adding more value to work.


We motivate you to be the best you, you can be. Ultimately the only limit is the limit that you set yourself! Together we identify your strengths and see how to take full advantage of your talents and skills. Where appropriate you can visit a congress or follow a course to get that bit more you need to be able to excel in your expertise.

Loyal team

We are a small and tight team with colleagues from, for instance, the Netherlands, Spain, Serbia and China. With us it’s 1 + 1 = 3, this means together you achieve more. We believe that work should give you satisfaction and a challenge, but next to that there should also be room to relax and have fun. That’s why having lunch together, doing activities and drinking a nice beer after a day of hard work are no exception.

Personal attention

Besides that we encourage you with challenges, we are also very interested in how you are doing as a person. By having functioning and evaluation interviews every 3 months we create scope to give proper feedback. The interview works both ways. We would like to hear about your experiences, if are you satisfied, if there are issues that you would like to discuss or if you have great ideas that might help driving the business forward.

Versatile deployment

We are able to make the best use of the strength and versatility of our team. At Tenuki you are involved in the entire process, from beginning to end. We offer you the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the software development process. You will engage various types of projects, like quickly resolve reported faults, build new applications or extend existing ones and also think at a conceptual level.

Market-oriented salary

We offer a market-based salary that fits your job, experience, knowledge and potential. If our company is thriving and we are achieving nice results with our joint efforts and hard work, we feel that it makes sense that our employees are rewarded for this.


Together we form a professional team with a lot of domain knowledge and project experience. We would like to see our developers grow with experience and knowledge, so they turn out to be software experts with a deep understanding of all stages in the trajectory. From software development to project management.

our atmosphere

Pleasant working environment

We pay a lot of attention to ensure that there is a pleasant working environment and efficient cooperation at Tenuki. This means a lot to us so every once in a while we organize fun activities together. For instance we escaped from an escape room, we went sailing and we were drifting on slippery ice with karts before our annual Christmas dinner.

At the office, we also like to see the atmosphere among the team is good and that there is commitment to each other. We are a flat organization where each has its own (team)projects, but we also have joint sessions so that we know from each other what we are doing. We will eat cake if a project has been successfully completed and several nights per year we host a night of fun and games at one of our offices.

To have affinity with each other is the basis for good cooperation. During our application process we particular pay attention to find out if the affinity, as in the match, is there. That’s why being part of our team for half a day is a standard application component. The applicant will get to experience and assess what it is like to work at Tenuki. Vice versa we will see if the applicant fits within the team.

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